Configuring In-app Checkout 

As a merchant, Chargebee provides a powerful configuration capability that you can use to build the checkout, the way you want.

To access the configuration screen click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self Serve Portal. You can configure the settings from this screen.

  • You need to first enable 'checkout' to access the settings.
  • Google reCAPTCHA is enabled by default in Checkout and Portal.

Fundamental Settings 

The settings you configure here are elemental in deciding what goes into your checkout window.

Below are the settings you can configure:

You can choose to get consent or just display the Terms and Privacy links for your customers while they checkout.

Show Description for All Items 

Enable to display the descriptions of plans and addons in Checkout.

To add descriptions, navigate to the respective plan or addon page in Chargebee user interface and click Edit. Add a relevant description to the Description field and click Update.

Adding/Editing Quantity of products 

You can allow your customers to edit the quantity of products by enabling this setting.

Merchants can also set a minimum and maximum quantity for their plans using meta configuration. Learn more about this here.


In case you do not want your customers to edit the quantity of the plans, we'd recommend you to not enable the ‘Allow customers to edit the quantity of plans' setting.

Adding/Removing Coupons 

Enable the ‘Allow customers to add/remove coupons' setting in Chargebee in order to allow your customers to add/remove coupons.

Recommending addons in Checkout 

Enabling this option would show recommended addons to your customers as a separate section in the first page of Checkout.

Customers can click Add to include the recommended addon in their subscription.

If the Allow customers to change addon quantity and Allow customers to remove addons options are enabled, customers can also edit the quantity of addons and remove addons.

Editing/Removing Add-on 

You can allow your customers to change the quantity or remove the add-ons that you have added along with your plan. To know how to pass an add-on with a plan, refer to this link.

Enable the ‘Allow customers to change addon quantity' setting to allow your customers to edit the addon quantity.

Enable the ‘Allow customers to remove addons' setting to allow your customers to remove the attached addons.

  • Quantity based add-ons can only be edited.
  • Customers cannot edit/remove mandatory add-ons if you have integrated via drop-in script.

Allow customers to access checkout via API only 

Enabling this option will disable all drop-in script links. In case you have used a drop-in script in your site, we recommend you to streamline your API workflow first and then enable this setting.

On enabling this option the Grab code link next to your plan will be disabled and the drop in scripts will stop functioning instantly. To use drop-in script again, disable this setting.

Allow customers to have multiple subscriptions 

This allows your customers to create multiple subscriptions using the same payment details.

Allow guest checkout 

Enabling this option will allow your customers to checkout as a guest which means your customers can check out without having to sign in to their account.

When an existing customer uses this option to checkout, a new 'customer' entry will be created in Chargebee and the subscription will be associated to it. This will lead to an instance where the same customer has 2 customer IDs in Chargebee.


This is not applicable if you have used Checkout via API.

Allow customers to checkout without payment details 

Chargebee enables you to allow your customers to complete their checkout without adding a payment method to their subscription. This functionality is built in order to offer a smooth checkout experience for your customers who are skeptical about adding a payment method to their subscription before actually trying the product/service.

The checkout without payment method feature enables you to:

  • Offer a free trial for your customers without collecting a payment method.
  • Have a Freemium plan that does not collect payment information during checkout.
  • Offer a 100% discount or a coupon without prompting for a payment method.

This feature is protected using Google Invisible reCAPTCHA to stop spam checkouts by bots. To use this feature:

  • Enable Allow customers to check out without payment methods option.
  • Select when you'd like to apply this functionality from Skip Payment method collection during checkout with checkbox. Available options are Full credit/discount coupons, Plans with free trials and Zero-dollar plans.
  • This feature is applicable only for new subscriptions created through checkout.
  • In case you are using the checkout only to collect payment information from your customers, this option will not have any effect (i.e payment information will be collected from all your customers).
  • You can disable this setting any time you wish in the future. Once you disable this, all the new subscriptions (free/trial/coupons) created post disabling this option will require a payment information during the checkout process itself.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions on Checkout without Payment Method.

Advanced Settings 

Chargebee also allows you to configure certain advanced settings to make work easier for you and your customers. You can find these settings under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Advanced Settings

In this section, you will be able to:

  • Hide Zero-Value Line Items
  • Autocomplete Addresses
  • Allow customers to add multiple payment methods
  • Skip order cart during checkout
  • Keep coupon box open
  • Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration
  • Collect PO number from customers
  • Use browser locale if customer locale is not specified
  • Add domains
  • Track abandoned carts
  • Allow customers to log in to the checkout and Self-Serve Portal using OTP or Password

Hide Zero-Value Line Items 

Toggle this option to hide the free-of-charge line items during the checkout process through the In-App Checkout and Self-Serve Portal.


Hide Zero-Value Line Items setting under Billing LogIQ applies only for invoices and is independent of this setting.

Autocomplete addresses 

Chargebee uses Google Autocomplete to suggest addresses as your customer starts to type in. On enabling this option, your customers can easily choose their address from the suggestion.


Autocomplete addresses also works in the self-serve portal when the customer wants to modify billing/shipping address.

Allow customers to add multiple payment methods 

Allowing customers to add multiple payment methods against a single customer offers both revenue assurance and flexibility.

  • Revenue Assurance: When one payment method fails, you can be assured that Chargebee will try another, with the least amount of hassle to you and your customers.
  • Flexibility: You can charge certain payments to a particular payment method and others to an alternative payment method.

Enabling the ‘Allow customers to add multiple payment methods' will allow your customers to add as many payment methods that they want using the checkout screen.

Once you have collected multiple payment methods for a Customer, you or your customer can tag one as a Primary payment method and another as a Backup payment method.
Learn more.

Skip order cart during checkout 

On enabling this option, your customers will not be able to view the order screen. They will be taken to the Account details screen directly.

Keep coupon box open 

Enabling this option will display the coupon box during checkout. Disabling this option will show a Apply coupon link in the checkout. Customers can apply coupons by clicking the link.

Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration 

Chargebee allows you to perform a backend operation where you can set the minimum and maximum quantity of plans/add-ons etc. Read more about meta configurations here. Enabling this option allows Chargebee to read the configuration and set the quantity based on it. Refer to this section to learn more on setting quantity for plans and add-ons.

Collect PO number from customers 

A Purchase Order (PO) is a document generated by the buyer in order to authorize a purchase transaction. A PO Number uniquely identifies a purchase order and is generally defined by the buyer. The buyer will match the PO number in the invoice to the Purchase Order. Read more.

You can choose to collect this PO number from your customers during checkout by enabling the ‘Collect PO number from customers' option. You also have the option of making it mandatory or not.

This PO number will get updated under the Subscriptions Info section of the subscription.

Use browser locale if customer locale is not specified 

Enabling this option will pick the customers locale from their browser in case they have not mentioned it. Click here to see how to set locales otherwise.

Add domains 

It is mandatory to allow-list domain names for the purpose of accessing subscription and invoice-related information during callbacks and conversion tracking. Given below are a few scenarios

  1. Domains of any checkout redirect URLs configured for plans. Domains that are widely known around the world are exempted here.
  2. Domains that use subscription and invoice-related Chargebee.js callbacks .
  3. Domains that have been setup to track Google Analytics (GA) purchase events fired using the GA integration or the Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration in Chargebee.js.

As shown above, the URLs should include the protocol: whether http or https.

Tracking Abandoned Carts 

When the customer leaves a checkout page unattended for 30 minutes, or when they close the webpage and not return to it, it is counted as an Abandoned Cart. Abandoned cart tracking allows you to measure how many visitors/customers leave the checkout without completing a purchase, leaving items in the cart. Chargebee allows you send email notifications to these customers reminding them to complete the purchase. Learn more about Abandoned carts here.

To enable Chargebee access the customer cart information, you must enable the Track abandoned cart setting.

Note: Tracking data is only kept for 30 days and older data is deleted. This is to prevent the accumulation of user data for longer than is necessary for the purpose.

Allow customers to log in to the checkout and Self-Serve Portal 

Chargebee allows your customers to login to their self serve portal using a password or a OTP (one time password). This depends upon the configuration that you have setup in your Chargebee account.

Note: This is applicable only for users who have not set up single sign on .

To configure:

  • Select Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self Serve portal > Advanced Settings
  • Choose an option under ‘Allow customers to log in to the checkout and Self-Serve Portal using'

Available options are:

  • OTP: A one time password will be sent to the customer's email address. Your customer will have to enter that to login to the self serve portal.

  • Password or OTP: Your customers can choose to authenticate via an OTP or a password. In case you have set a password, your customers will be prompted for that first. They can choose to login using an OTP by clicking the Login via one time password link.
    Read about setting/changing your password.

Publishing the changes 

Once you enable the necessary settings, you need to publish them. In case you don't they will be saved as a draft. Please do note that the changes that you make will be effective only after you publish. To publish click the Publish button in the top right corner.

Disabling Checkout settings 

You can disable all these settings by clicking the Disable button. Disabling will terminate all the actions pertaining to checkout immediately and your customers will not be able to access Chargebee checkout.

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