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How Chargebee helped Trail Reduce Time Spent on Subscription Management by 80%

And also significantly improved revenue collection process.

Scaling troubles

Manual billing

In their hypergrowth stage, manually managing ongoing subscriptions for Trail was error-prone. Setting up billing was a manual and messy process and a poor introduction to Trail

Revenue loss

Less time on quality onboarding and more time on collections. CS team spent ~20 Hrs/month on just billing.

After Chargebee

Reduced time spent on subscriptions by 80%

Trail cut down time spent managing subscriptions by about 80% using Chargebee

Success spends time on better onboarding

Trail now onboard customers faster and with focus on quality, with Chargebee

Still unsure? Step inside and see what the future looks like.

The Problem

Trail’s workflow was heavily dependent on an outbound sales-driven model, requiring the customer success team to handle onboarding of customers and collections. The CS team was spending close to 20 hours/month on just billing operations - primarily on manually chasing customers to collect payment details after onboarding and still losing out on potential revenue.

Managing ongoing subscriptions and setting up billing was a completely manual and error-prone process. This led to a confusing experience for customers, leading to a poor introduction to an otherwise fantastic product.

The Solution

After evaluating other players in the space, Trail chose Chargebee as their preferred partner for subscription management and automated billing for:

  • the ability to automate subscription workflows and recover lost revenue,

  • an optimized billing experience, so more time could be spent on onboarding,

  • its support for payment gateways and methods such as GoCardless for direct debit,

  • it’s reputation in the market

The Pay-off

While most of Trail’s issues tied back to potentially losing out on a lot of revenue, Trail’s usage of Chargebee resulted in more than simply recovering lost revenue. They were able to:

  • Close a sale much faster. The checkout flow integrated the signup process and payment collection to reduce drop-offs

  • Get a complete view into different subscription states, with the ability to configure special deals or rates for different customers

  • Achieve visibility into accurate real-time business metrics that they care about. Before Chargebee, Trail had to work out the MRR details from their accounting system, which often wasn’t up-to-date. There was a significant difference in the expected revenue and actual revenue.

We implemented Chargebee at a point when we were experiencing massive growth and this (growth) wouldn't have been possible without Chargebee.

Nick Allen, Product Manager, Trail

Tech Stack


GoCardless, Stripe, Xero

Sales & Marketing



Zapier, Chargebee




Intercom, Slack

Flexibility around subscription types is probably the biggest win — being able to view all our subscriptions in one place and learning the absolutely everything in the subscriptions trail. Chargebee cut down time spent managing subscriptions by about 80% compared to our previous process.
Nick Allen, Product Manager, Trail