Loss Aversion Cards 

Remind cancelling customers of all the good times you've shared with our Loss Aversion Cards. Choose up to four cards to winback hearts and minds in the moment. Loss Aversion Cards can show account activity, features, personal messages, social proof, invitations for engagement, or freeform images.

Loss Aversion Layouts 

By default, your cancel page contains two Loss Aversion Card placements. Go to Page settings to select the desired Loss Aversion Card layout on the cancel page. We support between zero to four Loss Aversion Cards on the page.

Loss Aversion Card Styles 

You can only showcase two Loss Aversion Cards per Cancel Experience, but there are many different styles to choose from. Certain cards may work better than others depending on your Chargebee Retention use case.

Activity Cards 

Activity Cards show your customers how much value they have already received from your product. It's a great way to remind them what they are using, and how.

The data from Activity cards pulls in from the Chargebee Retention JS Snippet, and you can use a fallback card if the usage data is low, like prompting help with setup.

Feature Cards 

Feature cards relay the impact of the valuable features they'll lose. This card is especially effective on the Downgrade Use Case, but popular on all Chargebee Retention experiences.

New - Vertical Feature Card 

Offer Cards 

Present an Offer straight away with Offer Loss Aversion Cards. Link directly to a guide, present a discount, or prompt the customer to engage with your team by scheduling a call or sending a message.

New - Vertical Loss Aversion CTA Card 

Message Card 

Got a message you want to share with your customers? Say something heartfelt with a Message Card! Tell them how important they are to you, and why their experience matters. It's true!

Twitter Card 

Referenceable, interactable, social proof that customers (just like them!) are loving what you're putting down. Link to any tweet for instant street cred.

Image Cards 

For everything else, there's image cards! If you just have to show your own style without fitting into one of our templates, you can put it on an image card! No one puts your business in a box?well?unless you are a box business.

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