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Starting from 1st January 2024, we will be publishing Chargebee Retention release notes on Chargebee Release Notes page. Please visit the page and filter for Retention to review the latest Chargebee Retention updates.

November 2023

Multi-action offer (Plan Change + Discount in the same offer flow)

We have introduced a new offer type that will help you apply multiple offer types within the same offer and process them in the same flow. This will directly impact your subscriber lifetime value and also positively impact your offer acceptance rates. For e.g. you may create a multi-action offer to incentivise your monthly subscribers to upgrade to a more valuable annual plan by offering them a discount if they choose to upgrade.

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Multi-branded cancel experiences

Enterprise customers with multiple different brands can now create & configure multi-branded cancel experiences within the same retention application. Earlier it was only possible to specify a single branding that gets applied to all your cancellation pages. With multi-branded cancel experience feature you can now maintain a different set of pages & targeting funnel for each brand helping you to provide a bespoke cancellation experience for your subscribers across all brands. Additionally this feature also helps you to stay compliant with your organisation's branding guidelines. Multi-branded cancel experiences is currently available on demand for limited customers. Please reach out to retention-support@chargebee.com if you would like to know more about this feature.

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Signup for Retention within Billing Left Nav Bar

We have introduced an option to access Retention from Billing left nav bar. Customers who have subscribed to both billing and retention products can navigate seamlessly to their respective Retention application from their Billing site. Billing Customers who have not yet subscribed to Retention, can also signup for either for Retention Starter or Deflection Trial free of cost from within the billing interface. Please note that this new access option is only enabled on selected customers. Other customers can continue accessing retention from the Configure Chargebee section within their Billing Site. Users should at least have Admin or Site Owner access within their Chargebee Billing Site to signup for Chargebee Retention from within their Billing Site.

Starter Churn Insights: Understand why your subscribers are churning

We have launched Starter Churn Insights to help early age startups better understand customer churn as they seek to reach product-market fit or scale their business. This product is exclusively built for businesses who want to start capturing churn insights at the moment of cancellation, but are not ready to invest in a full churn deflection initiative. Starter Churn insights can be selectively enabled for any Chargebee Billing customer without any additional cost. Please reach out to retention-support@chargebee.com if you are interested to enable this for your Chargebee Account.

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Cancel Compliance

Subscription businesses need to consider consumer protection regulations designed to reduce friction for online cancels. We have added the ability to hide survey reasons and other questions to present a more streamlined cancel experience.

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September 2023

Renaming Holdout audience to Control

We have renamed Holdout audience and page to Control so that it better aligns with the actual terminology used in experiments and testing.

Renaming Retention's Unique Identifier

We have renamed the field Customer ID to Cancel ID to better reflect its purpose as retention's unique identifier. This change will impact the Activity Log, Insights, Trends and Customer Level reports. There are no other changes in terms for functionality of this field.

July 2023

Retained Revenue Reporting & Cohort Report for Recharge Integration

We have added support for our Retained Revenue Reporting & Cohort report to our existing Recharge integration. This additional set of insights allows you to ensure your Deflects and Saves are converting into retained subscribers and allows you to track the revenue impact of your retention initiatives by Audience and Offer.

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Recharge Offer Enhancements

We have introduced additional offer capabilities for customers using our Recharge integration. You can easily specify the new plan to be applied for plan change offers, configure pause offers based on the number of orders to skip, and attach a free gift item to existing subscriptions.

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June 2023

Plan Change Offer Processing Options

For plan change offers processed through Chargebee Billing integration, you can choose to have the plan change applied immediately or at the end of the current subscription.

May 2023

A/B Testing in-house flow vs. Retention for Chargebee Billing + Retention Merchants

We have updated our Bypass feature to include support for customers who use Chargebee APIs to manage their customer subscriptions. This extends the ability to A/B test your existing in-house cancel experience against Chargebee Retention. Performance of this test can be tracked in our Lift report so you can ensure your Retention initiatives are driving results.

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Reporting for Multi-CTA Offers

We have updated the Offer Performance Report to allow you to track the performance of multi-CTA offers. For example, if you have an offer containing Discount and Pause CTAs, you can view the performance at the overall offer level and at the CTA level for Discount and Pause.

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Updates to Chargebee Billing Integration

Chargebee Billing merchants no longer need to adjust their Chargebee Billing settings for sending reason codes for subscription cancellation. The Chargebee Billing + Retention integration supports having the "Adding a reason code for Subscription Cancellation" set to either mandatory or optional.

April 2023

Multi-CTA Offers

The New Offer workflow and Offer Editor now supports multi-CTA offers - up to 3 offer buttons within an offer modal. You can link each button to your billing integration and configure what your customers see after selecting the offer button. We are working to add multi-CTA support to the Offer Performance Report in a future release.

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Drilldown Feedback Offer

We have introduced the option to make the Drilldown feedback offer modal a required step in the cancel experience by adding a toggle to show/hide the dismiss button. By making this required, you can collect additional information from customers who select a particular cancel reason.

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Slack Alert Customization

For customers using Slack alerts to be notified for particular events, you can now customize the entire body of the Slack alert.

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March 2023

Lift Report

We have introduced a new dashboard and detailed lift reports to drill down on performance of Chargebee Retention with offers against a no-offers holdout experience and your existing cancel experience. You can compare retained revenue, deflect rate, session counts, deflection outcomes, cancel completion rate, and first time repurchase rate across the different experiences.

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February 2023

Updated Offer Editor + New Offer Workflow

We are excited to announce the first in what will be a series of changes to our Offer Editor and New Offer workflow. With this release we have streamlined the Offer editing process to be in-line and freed up the Offer sidebar to accommodate key Offer configurations. We also updated our New Offer workflow to make it easier to get to the key details and start editing your Offer. All of this will help improve the existing Offer editing experience while setting us up to fully support multi-CTA Offers in a future release.

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Bypass Testing

We have added bypass testing support to allow to you test Chargebee Retention against your existing cancel experience and get an apples-to-apples comparison of performance metrics such as repurchase revenue, repurchase rate, and deflect rate.

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January 2023

Pulse Dashboard Report

We have added a widget at the top of the dashboard to highlight key Retention metrics. This allows customers to quickly view the impact of Chargebee Retention over the selected time period before drilling down into other reports for more insights.

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Email Digest

You can now sign up to receive an email digest on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to view key Retention metrics without going into the Chargebee Retention application. You will be able to set up the email digest to send it to yourself and other business stakeholders.

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December 2022

Retained Revenue Cohort Report

One of most anticipated reports we have ever released is here, the Retained Revenue Cohort is now available for Chargebee Billing customers who integrate Billing + Retention. This report allows you to see the full Revenue impact of your deflection cohorts over time, answering the key question of how much value am I getting out of each cohort. You also can view the first time repurchase rate per-cohort, and see the average % of deflections that are still paying each month after the deflection.

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November 2022

Introducing Teams in Chargebee Retention

We have added "Teams" to the User Management page in Chargebee Retention so that you can now control which users have access to which applications. This feature serves the Enterprise or multi-app use case where customers need the ability to limit user access to certain Retention apps for various reasons. If you are your organizations Billing Admin you can manage Teams from inside the admin app inside of Retention. Note, all existing users will be placed in the default team for their company so existing user assignments will not be impacted.

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September 2022

Cancel Reasons Unique per Application

We have updated the logic behind our Cancel Reasons to make them unique per Chargebee Retention Application instead of shared across Apps. This helps Enterprise customers manage multi-brand / product use cases where cancel reasons are different and you want the ability to create and manage a unique set of reasons per brand or product line.

Retained Revenue Report on Dashboard

We have added a new Retained Revenue report on the dashboard for customers integrated with Chargebee Billing. The report shows the retained revenue, number of repurchase customers, and first time repurchase rate over the selected time period.

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Cancel & Offer Confirmation Pages

We have introduced confirmation pages in the Experience Manager that can be presented after your customers cancel, accept an offer, or click the Nevermind button.

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Percent of Cohort Still Paying Metric

We have introduced a new metric for customers who have enabled Retained Revenue Impact Reporting, % of cohort still paying. This rate calculates the % of your total deflects that still have an active subscription in Billing. It is available for the Chargebee Billing integration and will be enabled when you enable Retained Revenue Impact Reporting. This metric will allow you to estimate the relative repurchase potential of a given cohort by assessing the % of that cohort that is still active and comparing that to your existing retained revenue metrics.

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Activity Log Notifications

We have introduced a new setting to enable notifications for error and warning events in the activity log. You can configure notifications to be sent through email and Slack. A red status indicator will also be displayed within the app if an error or warning occurred within the last 24 hours.

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Additional Details in Offer Library

We have introduced a detailed view option and filters in the Offer Library to help you quickly locate key offer information without needing to drill down into each offer. For each offer, you can view the category, type, live status, last modified and creation dates, and experiences where the offer is presented.

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August 2022

Additional Metrics in Offer Performance Report

We have added a few additional metrics to the Offer Performance report and updated the report to use the same "Toggle columns" experience as the Experience Performance report. These new metrics include "Lost accepts" and "Watchlist accepts" and provide you full visibility into how upstream Offer accepts are converting into Saves.

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Retained Revenue Impact Reporting for Chargebee Billing Customers

We have released a new set of reports for users of our Chargebee Billing Integration that pull Repurchase data into Chargebee Retention to include in the Experience Performance Report and Customers Pages. This data allows you to track the true financial impact from your Cancel Experiences in Chargebee Retention. Metrics like first time repurchase rate, cumulative retained revenue, and average retained revenue allow you to determine how your Deflects are converting to downstream invoices and payments. This data helps take the Chargebee Retention reporting to the next level.

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July 2022

Advanced Targeting + Audiences on Essentials Plan

We just updated our Essentials plan to provide access to the full "Advanced Targeting" tab that previously was restricted to only Performance and Enterprise. This tab allows users to setup tests using both Audience Rules and % routing, giving you more flexibility to mix and match your Experience Setup to optimizes for results on Essentials. This allows you to create an Audience and then test multiple pages within that Audience, instead of having to assign a single page per-Audience.

With this change we also unlocked the Audiences tab on Essentials to allow you to edit and save your Audiences directly via our manager. Note: you can have up to four live Audiences and four live Pages on Essentials.

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Multiple Offers per-Page on Essentials Plan

We have updated our Essentials Plan to allow you to place multiple offers per-Page, including enabling the ability to place Reason Based Offers. This will enable you to create more dynamic cancel experiences on the Essentials Plan and will improve your ability to test and target different offers within this plan.

June 2022

Vertical Loss Aversion Card Templates

We have added two new Loss Aversion Card templates, the Vertical Loss Aversion CTA Card and the Vertical - What You'll Lose Card. These two cards are designed to be used together to give you a vertical card layout option for your LA cards.

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Max Offer Redemptions

Customers often ask us how they can avoid Offer abuse by limiting the number of times a user can accept an Offer before restricting it. We have added a new feature to our Offer Editor for all offers, Max # of redemptions. When set, we will restrict users from seeing or accepting an Offer after they have exceeded this limit.

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Chargebee Retention Benchmarks on Dashboard

This new widget allows you to compare your Deflect rate, Save rate, Active deflect rate, and Passive deflect rate to similar subscription businesses. We categorize our customers into subscription Business Models and Industry Verticals and then benchmark these rates across similar businesses within each.

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External Reason Keys now Configurable

The External Reason Key allows you to connect your Chargebee Retention Cancel reasons to other 3rd party systems via a direct field mapping that we pass in our Webhook and Alert payloads. This Key is now editable from within the Survey Reason Library. Note: the field can only be set once, so ensure that you get the key correct and map it into your external system correctly.

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Extend + Pause a Subscription for Chargebee

Chargebee Billing customers can now add additional configurations to their Pause Offers. This feature allows you to not only Pause a subscription, but also Pause any orders associated with this subscription and extend it by the Pause duration. This added flexibility helps support the subscription eCommerce use case where orders and reorder dates are key.

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May 2022

Time Based Attribution for Chargebee

This feature allows you to identify if Saved customers are still paying in your billing system, and attribute either the MRR or the Sub Price from billing for these customers. With this latest release, our Chargebee Billing customers can also take advantage of this feature and report accurate save rates.

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No-Code Portal Integration for Chargebee

Chargebee Billing customers who are using the Chargebee Billing Portal to handle their existing customer cancelations can now integrate this Cancel Subscription button with a Chargebee Retention page. This workflow allows you to deploy a Cancel Experience without any engineering effort leveraging the Chargebee Retention + Chargebee Billing integration.

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Audiences in Offer Performance Report

We have updated our Offer Performance Report to include additional group by's that allow you to drill into your Offer Performance by Audience, Experience and Offer Category. This added granularity brings you the visibility into key Offer metrics across your Retention Experience giving you the tools you need to execute dynamic Offer testing.

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Dynamic URL Management

The links that route users out of the Cancel Experience are vital to a good user experience, and can also serve as a key method to update external systems w/ various dynamic attributes. We have updated our URL fields in Chargebee Retention to include a globe that contains URLs and then a lightening bolt that contains your mapped fields. This allows you to build dynamic URLs directly within this editor. Note: this feature also works for your Offer URLs as well as your Save and Cancel return URLs.

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Four Page Limit on Essentials

We received the feedback from several customers and prospects that they needed more than just two Pages + Offers on the Essential plan. Based on this feedback and the use cases it will enable for low volume customers to get value out of this plan, we have increased the live Page with Offer limit for Essentials customers from two to four.

April 2022

All Page Copy can be at Page Level

We have several customers now who are hosting multi-language Cancel Experiences in Chargebee Retention. To better support this use case, we have updated the survey reason labels that you see in the survey and made them editable both at the Brand Manager level as well as the Page Level. This means you can now update 100% of your Cancel Page copy directly in the Chargebee Retention App and don't need us to assist you with deploying multi-language Cancel Experiences.

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Audience and Experience Breakdown in Experience Performance Report

We have updated our Experience Performance Report UI to include a new group by component. This allows you to add Audience and Experience groupings into this report, giving you additional granularity in how you break down the data across your Cancel Experiences. This enhancement gives you the ability to compare how Pages / Offers perform across Audiences in a single view.

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Audience and Experience Filters in Reports

Many of our customers ask us how a single Page or Audience is performing as this insight helps provide an additional level of granularity when measuring the Deflection Funnel. We have added a new report filter to the majority of our Chargebee Retention in-app Reports that allows you to filter by these dimensions.

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