Managed Subscription Billing

Automate your recurring billing with ChargeBee subscription billing solution.


Get a quick snapshot of user base and revenue numbers. View subscriber count by each plan and know your pipeline of trial users.

Configurable Price Plans

Introduce new price plans, grand-father in existing customers, sunset existing price plans with just configurations. Introducing newer pricing models to disrupt and gain traction is all the more easier with ChargeBee.

Trial Periods

Manage trial users, extend trial, and manage notifications easily. Setup trial with credit card or at the time of choosing paid plan.


Invoice your customers via ChargeBee at no extra cost. Itemized billing without ambiguity greatly reduces chances of chargeback.

Retry Management

Card failures are handled gracefully with configurable followup schedule. Reduce customer churn by avoiding routine errors like card expiry, card maxed out etc., to affect your subscriber base.

Multiple Gateways

ChargeBee helps you readily integrate with payment gateway of your choice. Multiple payment gateways and intelligent routing will be supported soon.

Customer Portal

Allows your customers to manage their own account and billing information, card details, download invoices etc.

Flexible Billing Support

Delight your customers with our super flexible billing
support features.

Flexible Billing Dates

Align customer billing dates according to your needs. Or let billing run as per customer sign-up date without a hassle. Postpone billing for special customer requests.

Frictionless Upgrade & Downgrade

Allow customers to upgrade or downgrade plans seamlessly. Your customers will love your prorated billing support and for accuracy of billing.

Upsell Addons

Sell additional components or services on top of existing subscription as addons. Configure and bundle them with subscription in seconds.


Unleash your marketing and sales wizards to configure and run their own promotions without development dependency. Super flexible options to offer percentage, fixed amount, limited period or early bird coupons.

Plan Setup Fees

Include a one-time setup fee that is charged only in the first month of a subscription.

Automated Notifications

Let ChargeBee simplify notifications for you with customized and automated email notifications.

Automated Email Notifications

You can opt to send notifications messages based on various events like end-of-trial, subscription renewed and many more.

Customizable Email Templates

Customize your email notifications for specific events. You may choose to use the default messages configured by ChargeBee.

Simple Integration

Choose our developer friendly APIs or our fully hosted solutions for minimal coding effort.

Hosted Payment Pages

Copy a price plan URL & link to your website - you are all set to monetize your product. Completely configure the payment page design, color and text to capture all the information you need in just a few clicks.

Free Sandbox Forever.

We provide a test environment for free. Thoroughly test all your configuration and integration changes before switching to production.

Developer Friendly APIs.

We have spent considerable time designing the API to be as easy as possible for developers. You will make less number of API calls to retrieve data from ChargeBee. Check out our API docs here to decide for yourself.

Client Libraries

We provide client library support in multiple languages including JAVA, Ruby and PHP. Python is in progress. We also provide support for CURL. Checkout our API documentation for readily usable code snippets directly from your test environment.


Configure custom web hooks to include additional logic for specific events. For example while generating invoice, you can use the custom webhook to include additional line item details or metered billing components in the invoice.

And much more…

Handling corner cases becomes a breeze with ChargeBee; reactivate subscription, offer refunds, cancel immediately or end-of-cycle, prorate or not, offer credits, add charges with ease.

Invite Organization Users

Have a separate login for each of your billing support personnel and classify data according to their roles. And you can keep users restricted to your test and production sites based on needs; say your consultant developer's access can be limited to your test environment.


ChargeBee is committed to providing you with the right reports to help reduce work on your side. If there is a report you need on a recurring basis let us know and we'll be happy to build it as a self-service report.

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