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The increased adoption of mobile devices and improved internet coverage continues to fuel the growth of businesses embracing online marketplaces via the web and more recently mobile applications. This strategy enables businesses to maintain a presence across multiple platforms and drive growth by catering to a global customer base.

The increasing popularity of mobile apps has led to the discovery of a new customer base and offers a revenue stream with immense potential. However, these apps are hosted on an online marketplace platform and currently requires that they manage the complete subscription cycle exclusively on their platforms leading to fragmented silos.

While you do have standalone solutions to manage your in-app purchases and recurring billing, these can hardly match the complexities associated with businesses hosted on multiple platforms. To mitigate these complexities, you require a solution that helps manage your business effectively and also offers feature capabilities that help you scale your business too.

Chargebee's Mobile Subscriptions feature is designed to unify the subscription management data into Chargebee by allowing you to connect your mobile app businesses with your Chargebee site. This solution empowers you with the following benefits:

  • Track subscription data across multiple platforms: Our integration solution offers you a 'single source of truth' via a dashboard for all your subscription data across platforms.

  • Keep in-app subscription data in sync and updated: As subscription events occur in the mobile app stores, they will be synced over to your Chargebee site.

  • Comprehensive Business Analytics: The fragmented revenue data across multiple platforms makes analysis cumbersome and error-prone. Our consolidated approach to subscription data across platforms helps you create a revenue story that is accurate and insightful.

Apple iOS and Google Android in Chargebee's Marketplace 

Integrate your Apple and Google apps with Chargebee by accessing mobile app stores in the marketplace .

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