Installment Dunning 

This feature is a Private Beta Release. Contact support  to enable Installment Dunning for your Test and Live site.

Installments for an invoice refer to a payment arrangement where the total amount due is divided into smaller, more manageable parts, each to be paid at specified intervals over a period of time. Make sure to have Payment in installments enabled and configured. Installment dunning helps recover the payments that have not been successfully collected during installment collection.

Enabling Installment Dunning 

Follow these steps to enable Installment Dunning in Chargebee:

  1. Login to the Chargebee app .
  2. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Dunning for Online/Offline Payments.
  3. Enable Installment Dunning.

Don't save it yet. There are more settings for you to configure.

Configuring Installment Dunning 

Once you have enabled Installment Dunning, a few additional configurations appear.

Follow these instructions to configure Installment Dunning settings:

  1. Dunning period for each installment: Configure the period for which a particular installment needs to be in the dunning period. This period can differ from the dunning period configured for normal invoices (without installments).

  2. Retry mode: You can use the Retry mode to be Custom or Smart. Read more about this here.

    • Custom: If you select Custom as the Retry mode, you can also configure the preferred Retry frequency.

    • Smart: If you select Smart as the Retry mode, the Chargebee Smart Retry will decide the appropriate retry frequency.

  3. When dunning for an installment is unsuccessful: Select what to do when a dunning attempt fails for an installment and you're unable to recover the payment.

    • Select Do Nothing if you want to wait until the dunning is complete for all installments before taking the final action on the subscription and invoices.
    • Select Perform Final Actions if you want to immediately take a final action if even one of the installments is not collected by dunning.
  4. Click Apply to save changes.


If an invoice has installments, it follows a path based on the settings configured under Installment Dunning, which overrides the settings for normal invoices (without installments).

Installment dunning attempts in Chargebee 

During installment dunning, attempts are documented in the Retry Attempts section, just like dunning for invoices without installments. The installment number is specified alongside each attempt, as shown below:


If dunning is set for multiple installments at once, the invoice will display the earliest retry date among all installments, as there isn't a separate UI for each installment. So, the next retry date shown is for the earliest installment due for dunning.

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