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Creating Customers and Subscriptions from HubSpot 

Going forward, all the users of HubSpot two-way sync feature have to authenticate into Chargebee to create customers and subscriptions out of HubSpot deals. Users only need the most basic role in Chargebee. These updates are a part of our ongoing improvements around security and will go into effect on 30 June, 2021. Contact [email protected]  for more information.

If you have a business model where your sales team acquires customers as opposed to prospects directly purchasing plans without assistance, then your sales team starts the cycle in HubSpot. They work through deals and closes them, you would need an easy way to enable your customers to complete the purchase, enter their payment method and create the subscription. This is where Chargebee comes in. It allows you to create Chargebee customers and subscriptions from HubSpot seamlessly.

This feature is enabled on request. Please contact [email protected]  to enable it. Once the feature is enabled:

  • A create subscription button is visible on the Chargebee card in your HubSpot deals for all users who have access to deals in HubSpot.
  • When a user on HubSpot attempts to create a subscription from a HubSpot deal, Chargebee authorizes all these users using the privileges of the admin user who configured the integration between Chargebee and HubSpot.
  • The integration creates a custom field called "integration_meta" against the Chargebee subscription object. This is done to internally map subscriptions to their respective deals in HubSpot.

The Chargebee - HubSpot integration allows your team to do this seamlessly by displaying the Product Catalog information from Chargebee as an Iframe in HubSpot.

Creating/Linking Customers in Chargebee 

You must first associate a contact with the deal. Once you have done that, you can proceed to linking customer in Chargebee. To do so:

  1. Open the deal in HubSpot.

  2. Click Create Subscription. On performing this action, the integration first checks to find if the contact associated with the deal is already mapped to a customer in Chargebee or if there is an existing match based on the unique field chosen in the settings for mapping.

  3. If a match is found, it lists the customer so that the user can choose the potential match to link to instead of creating a duplicate customer.

  4. If the integration doesn't find a match, it prompts you to create a new customer in Chargebee before proceeding to configuring the subscription.

To create a new customer:

  1. Click Create New Customer.
  2. Enter the customer details:
    • Auto generated ID: Enter a ID. This is the customer ID in Chargebee. You can leave this blank if you want Chargebee to auto generate a customer ID when the customer is created.
    • Select the Preferred currency.
    • Select/Review the tax exemption, auto collection settings for the customer.
    • Enter the Billing Contact and Address.
  3. Click Create.

A customer will be created in Chargebee.

Once you have created/linked the customer, you can proceed in creating the subscription from HubSpot.

Creating Subscription 

The Create a subscription page shows up. The customer information is displayed in the top left corner.

  1. Add the Plans and Add-ons. The plans and add-ons that you have created in Chargebee will be displayed in an iframe.
  2. Apply the Coupons.
  3. Select the billing information such as the subscription Start Date, Billing Cycles, Auto Collection settings and PO Number.
  4. Choose how you'd like to generate the invoice. You can either choose to invoice the customer immediately or add to unbilled charges.
  5. On updating the details, you can either click Create, to create the subscription right away or click Get Checkout link to generate a checkout URL that can be sent to your customers. On completing the checkout process, a subscription gets created in Chargebee.

The subscription and the invoice information will be displayed in HubSpot after the next scheduled sync in case the sales agent uses the Create option.

If the agent uses the Get Checkout link option, then the customer and subscription will be created in Chargebee as soon as the prospect completes the checkout. However, the information will get updated in HubSpot only after the sync subsequent to that.

In addition to this, the custom properties related to sync on the HubSpot deal will also be updated.

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