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Open Source Customer Portal 

If you should ever expect more from your customer portal than you do at the moment, over and above the account management functionality Chargebee provides at the moment, look to our Open Source Customer Portal. The customizability of the portal is limitless and we've opened the field up to your ideas.

We've created an open source implementation of the customer portal   using Chargebee's API - so that you can continue to develop customized features of varying degrees or individual specificity, independently without the waiting time, the testing and the additional cost.


Open Sourcing of Customer Portal is explicitly available for Hosted Pages V2 users.

Open Source Ruby Gem Package 

If you're building a subscription management system with Ruby, you can use the Open source Ruby Implementation   as a skeleton to handle specific SaaS use cases with Chargebee's API.

Apart from basic subscription management, the Ruby Gem handles:

  • Subscription upgrade & downgrade scenarios.

  • Estimate API to show the order summary & charges before the customer confirms the subscription changes. This is to show the customer what they would pay after the change.

  • Setting up of relevant db models to store subscription data.

  • Handling webhooks notifications from Chargebee to ensure that the data is in sync with your application.

Open Source Laravel Package 

If you're using a Laravel framework to build subscription and billing modules, you can use the Open Source Laravel package   handle common use cases around:

  • Subscription creation

  • Subscription upgrade/downgrade

  • Subscription cancellation

  • Proration

  • Product (plan, addon & coupon) configuration

  • Payment switch

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